Care about Bangladesh

Many organizations that cares about Bangladesh, have begun programs in the country to help change the level of poverty that affects many of the nation’s citizens. Studies of the country have shown that the poverty rate is one of the poorest in the world, with a per capita income that amounts to less than $400 per year. This statistic ranks the country as the 170th poorest country out of a possible 207. While the Care Bangladesh relief efforts and help from organizations have helped to improve the living situation in some areas, there are still regions that do not have acceptable basics, such as a clean drinking water supply.

In the urban atmosphere, commerce is improving steadily and incomes are seeing a dramatic rise. However, this only serves to widen the gap seen by the rural population. In large part, the villages of the country are filled with residents that live in improvised housing and have little opportunities to improve their living standards. The mission of groups who care Bangladesh is to provide services that will change the lives of those living in rural settings in a positive manner. Information about ongoing programs can be seen at other pages.

A large amount of attention is being paid to the health and education situation as these two factors are thought to be of prime importance in increasing life expectancy and options for children. Most people in the villages live without access to normal education and make up the vast majority of the country’s 40% illiteracy rate. By providing care in the form of education, groups that care Bangladesh are enabling the citizens to find a position that will raise their level of income and improve their living standards. In addition, these types of groups do much work in the health sector, bringing volunteer doctors in to rural areas that are able to address the needs and provide care to patients that do not have adequate access to a local physician.

Although the poverty situation is nowhere near optimal, there are strides being made to change the social atmosphere and future possibilities. Efforts towards equality issues, such as women empowerment, are setting a structure that will see the country be in the right place to maximize the benefits that are provided by humanitarian missions to the country. Migration is still widespread as residents look to neighboring countries, such as India and Sri Lanka, and see more options for their future. With many people who care Bangladesh and international support groups focusing their attention on the less privileged class of citizens in the country, it will only be a matter of time before major improvements are seen and the poverty of the population will be reduced.