Bangladesh Cuisine

For those who care Bangladesh is not only a poor country in South Asia but it is also a country with an old tradition and with many customs. It is true that the Bangladesh poverty rate is one of the highest in the area but it is also true that constant efforts are deployed as to improve the Bangladesh economy. But there is more to Bangladesh than only economy worries and poverty. Here one can read more about the Bangladesh cuisine and how can long traditions indulge the taste buds of millions of locals and tourists on a daily basis. Read on and learn more about the Bangladesh foods and cuisine.

The Bangladesh cuisine is a term that is used to refer to the Bengali cuisine which is most prominently found and cooked in Bangladesh. As a result of the history of this country, the Bangladesh cuisine encompasses a wide range of Persian-Arabic elements which is common to some other cuisines in the area. At the same time, there are things that are specific only to the Bangladesh cuisine and one of them is the use of beef in the food, putting it apart especially from the West Bengal cuisine in India. Moreover, beef is considered a must when cooking for feasts or banquets. Perhaps the most popular beef dish is the beef kebab but other dishes such as biryani, tehari, or halim as well as others also containing beef are well known and eaten in the country.

There are various differences within the Bangladesh cuisine and this is mainly depending on the region in which one finds himself. For instance, in the south much more of the food is based on fish and this is greatly due to the area being close to the sea and thus the fish largely available. In the central area of Bangladesh the food involves much fried rice and plenty of meat while in the west and north-west vegetable curries are more prevalent.