Bangladesh Disasters – Cyclones

Bangladesh is a very poor country located in South Asia and which attempts to rebuild itself each year and every time it gets struck by some kind of natural disaster. The Bangladesh economy is one of the most unstable in the world and it is estimated that the Bangladesh poverty rate is one of the highest in the world as well. And yet, efforts are being made for the sake of the Bangladesh development although they are often undermined by the natural disasters that Bangladesh is so prone for. Here one can read more about a particular natural disaster that had hit this country in 1991, a very powerful cyclone.

The Bangladesh cyclone from 1991 is known as one of the most damaging cyclones that had hit this country and any other country in the world, especially in what the number of dead people is concerned. The 1991 Bangladesh cyclone took place on the night of 24 April and it was one of the most powerful tropical cyclones ever experienced in Bangladesh. It struck in the south eastern area of Bangladesh and it is estimated to have hit with winds exceeding 250 km/hour. It is estimated that the cyclone killed more than 138,000 people while leaving more than 10 million individuals without a home.

The Bangladesh cyclone of 1991 started after an area of clouds had persistently developed into the Bay of Bengal and which, in time led to an increase in the wind speed and size. Within two days, the Bangladesh cyclone had taken over the entire bay. During the next few days, the cyclone spread slowly into the north west of the country and it had increased its strength by the 27th. This Bangladesh cyclone is known to have caused an estimated damage of $1.5 billion, a sum that the Bangladesh economy was not ready to pay.