Bangladesh’s Health and Education

A high poverty rate prevails in Bangladesh even though the country was listed in 2005 as one of the Next Eleven Economies -eleven countries that were identified as having a high potential for economic growth according to Goldman Sachs Investment Bank. In spite of this inspiring premonition, the lacking Bangladesh health and education systems maintain the country bound in extreme poverty.

Bangladesh Health is aggravated by the scarcity of water and the numerous natural catastrophes that have impacted the country’s fragile economy. Most rural areas are plagued with diseases caused by the high amount of arsenic contamination in the ground waters.

Health issues are worsened due to the lack of communication provided by the Bangladesh Health Ministry. As a matter of fact, raising awareness regarding health issues is complicated since literacy levels are below average. The literacy rate in Bangladesh is a low as 56%. On the bright side, Bangladesh education is being propelled thanks to the flourishing of non-profit organizations that are working hard to communicate to the whole world how vulnerable is this nation’s state.

Bangladesh Education Ministry needs to focus on women since gender is still a huge barrier. Women are treated with disdain and this obstacle has become one of the main factors that conjugate the low Bangladesh poverty rates.

If you care Bangladesh’s current situation, we encourage you to help in any way you can. Global efforts are being done to try to raise awareness regarding the pressing Bangladesh poverty rates. However, as many freethinkers have already stipulated, we adhere to the idea that a woman empowerment campaign in the region would spark reforms in the otherwise obsolete health and educations programs. It is an uprising of the oppressed women that would actually lead Bangladesh to a better tomorrow. Read more info on this and related topics at