Bathroom makeovers can be the last thing on homeowners’ minds. More often than not, bathrooms designs stay untouched for years. Even when doing major renovations, bathrooms can still be left behind as they are usually one of the last things being considered for these projects. A bathroom, however, can actually be a little sanctuary within the home if given the attention it needs.

Bathroom makeovers do not have to be expensive and can even be a DIY project for homeowners. Thinking outside the box and seeing the potential in an area for something more are essential. No restructuring or remodeling needs to be done either since the ideal bathroom functions as a retreat and is no place for frilliness and elaborateness. There is really no need to go overboard with the plans. The trick is to turn whatever is already given – the size, the usual lack of windows and the shape – into opportunities.  Limited space doesn’t necessarily mean limited creativity. For example, the space may be used to display art that is better viewed at close range. A tiny bath can also be maxed out with fabulous style by just utilizing a bold mirror and a cheerful paint color. Experimenting with layered lighting is also a good idea. Replacing an old shower curtain with a beautiful, breezy one can also make a lot of difference. An important reminder is to not overcrowd the space with useless things. However, it is not only the aesthetic value that needs to be upgraded. Conveniences should be considered as well. Replacing old fixtures can actually bring about a new atmosphere within the area too, just like a breath of fresh air.

Bathroom makeovers green and brown

Looking at beautifully remodeled bathrooms in magazines can be inspiring although usually over the top in budget. A good idea for a plan on how to go about acquiring materials for bathroom makeovers would be to list down all the coveted items from magazines and then to go searching for similar, cheaper versions at the local craft store. There are plenty of affordable versions out there and this can be an exciting activity for homeowners and is an opportunity for bonding.


Bathroom makeovers many mirrors


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