Bathroom remodel ideas come in so much styles and varieties. There are so many pegs to ponder over and choose from and a lot of homeowners feel the need to express their individuality on top of the design and function. Bathrooms are also one of the most expensive rooms to renovate and they can make or break a deal when buying and selling a house. Usually, buyers look for rooms that don’t require a lot of work which is why a bathroom remodel can make a huge impact on a house’ resell value. Before doing the actual remodeling, what works for the family and for the future homeowners should be considered. For example, walk-in showers are popular while large bathtubs and ample bathroom storage are also frequently sought after. Determining the available space and the materials worth using with it is essential.

A lovely bathroom remodel idea is to use a brushed nickel light fixture to complement a bath with modern finishing. Incorporating accent tiles in small measures, decorative tiles around a bathtub or patterned tiles to frame a mirror will add in just the right amount of style. High ceilinged baths can be balanced with pendant light fixtures and glass vessel sinks and chrome faucets exude a fresh and airy contrast to any dark tones in the cabinetry and tiles. A bathroom can even be rustic with a marble shower pan with a pebble finish, a wood stained countertop, walls with large scale bead boards and beams to complete the look. Giving a vanity a fresh coat of paint and new cabinet pulls can be a good start while a graphic area rug that can bind all colors together can be the finishing touch for the overall design.

Pleasant Bathroom remodel ideas

There are so much more ideas for remodeling bathrooms but the bottom line is, when planning, family needs and future buyers should always serve as the basic guideline.

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