Bean bag chairs are examples of anatomic chairs wherein the user sets the shape of the object. In this case, bean bag chairs are large fabric bags packed with dried beans, polystyrene beads or any other similar substance and when used, it takes the shape of the user. Due to its unstructured or amorphous nature, it is easily confused with a divan or an ottoman.

In 1968 in Italy, Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro designed a shapeless chair called the Sacco. This was during the time when culture was characterized by the hippies, student demonstrations and apartment sharing thus the “non-chair” design. The lax, the hippie community and the non-conformist households were the target users of the Sacco.  The Sacco’s exterior was made of leather and right placed stitching and it was successful in sustaining its form. Due to its light weight and flexible nature, the item allowed for easy shipping so the design was aimed at mass-media consumption.

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Bean bag chair designs have since evolved and modernized. Recently, fresh, contemporary designs of these chairs have made a huge comeback in many rooms’ decorations and fixtures. Bean bag chairs in children’s rooms provide a fun setting without the danger of hard and sharp edges. Some designs give out a very modern feel to any interior at the same time maintaining its comfort while a lot of designs add to the homey look and feel to any space. These chairs come in different dimensions and whether it may be patterned or plain, materials used range from leather to suede to faux fur offering the softest seat in the house.

There are companies that focus on designing these chairs and some even offer free design services for customers to freely design and customize their own. However it may look and feel, these are one of the most comfortable chairs that is famous for its utility and aesthetic value.

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