Dreaming on a Queen Size Sleigh Bed

The hotel room was filled with a luxurious queen size sleigh bed, making me feel tiny. Lying with my arms stretched out, I couldn’t touch the sides. I laid there, puffy pillows cradling my head, 100% cotton covers beneath my body, slowly drifting to sleep.

I slept soundly. All thoughts slowly fading away, as my dreams began to take over. The bed acts as the stage for the images dancing through my mind. The large queen sized bed is covered in pure white cotton sheets, with the fluffiest down pillows at the head and the thick dark oak wood frame acting as a guard for all sleeping souls.

queen size sleigh bed white Matratze

Waking up, the sheets remained unruffled. My body was unmoved throughout the night. The only missing piece was a pillow that escaped to the floor.

Stepping on to the floor, my body felt rested and relaxed. Stretching from side to side, I felt ready for another day. I carefully rearranged the pillows and ironed out the creases on the covers. As I walked away, I took one last look at the sleigh bed, perfectly arranged in the centre of the hotel room.

The scent of freshly made toast was wafting into the room and the hotel check out time was creeping closer. I knew I had to leave, but I couldn’t resist one last look at the most luxurious bed I’ve ever slept in. There she stood, as I found her, perfect.

queen size sleigh bed thin ideas

Collecting my bags, I made my way out of the room. Rays from the early morning sun, shone through the hallway windows lighting my path to reception. I reluctantly handed back my room keys. As I drove away, I knew that I would always remember my one night on the queen size sleigh bed.

18 Photos of the Dreaming on a Queen Size Sleigh Bed

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