Economic Mega Projects

Bangladesh is a country with a developing economy and with problems of all sorts. As any other poor country in the world, there are not only economic issues to be solved here in order to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants but there are social problems as well. Yet, the government seeks the Bangladesh development and it is certainly seeking to improve the economical situation of the country which will most likely bring about an improvement in the social situation as well. The Bangladesh poverty rate is one of the highest in the world and even though the prospects for the Bangladesh economy might seem poor there are many projects and investments undergoing as a means to improve it. Here one can read more about the mega economic projects that the Bangladesh government is currently undertaking.

The government is seeking to build one of the largest ever built deep sea port in the area, South Asia. The location has been envisaged as Sonadia Island and it has been valued at 50,000 crore taka. Although there is no current deadline for finishing the project, the government intends to undertake it in multiple stages and the aim is to transform Bangladesh into the area’s logistics and transport hub when it comes to maritime services. In particular the neighboring countries such as India, China, Bhutan and Nepal would be able to use this strategic location of Bangladesh for exporting their own goods, most of which are made in Bangladesh manufactures.

Furthermore, the Bangladesh government intends to invest over $7.5 million in a new airport (international airport) which is aimed to be the region’s largest airport as well. Much of the airport’s design ideas have been borrowed from the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand. Nevertheless, Bangladesh is developing a new transportation system by train with the help of a Chinese company which would supply the state with high speed DEMU trains.