Desk chairs, or office chairs are designed for use in offices with desks. Usually a swivel chair, it has a set of wheels for mobility and an adjustable height. This type of chair was developed during the 19th century when workers found themselves spending most of their shifts sitting at desks which paved the way for certain features which are unusual on other chairs.

Charles Darwin, not surprisingly, is one of the earliest known innovators of the modern desk chair. He wanted to get to his specimens more quickly so he placed wheels on the legs of his chair. During the time that office work was expanding, an eagerness to productivity has cultured the consciousness to office environments, technology and equipment. With the advent of desks and filing systems, mobility and adjustability then became needs. Productivity experts noticed that the output of workers can be increased by allowing adjustments to the height of the chair and by allowing the worker to pivot while sitting. Now, most desk chairs even have a gas lift that could instantly adjust the height of the chair with just a single button. Another benefit to the gas lift is that the gas compresses upon sitting down so the user does not sit down stiffly.

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Recent designs of desk chairs are now geared towards the idea of being “ergonomic.” There is value in offering chairs with an increasing number of adjustments that would better support the user as more and more time is being spent in the office seated in front of desks.  The invention of the computer and the cubicle has forever changed the office and the life of the office workers paving the way to huge changes in office chairs. Desk chairs now need to support workers who spend the whole day sitting down. Support includes the kind of motions that promote health, provide utmost comfort and avoid stress or injury – otherwise known as “ergonomic.”


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