Facts About Bangladesh

There are many facts about Bangladesh that are interesting to read about including the history of the country and its extremely large population crisis. In addition to this the level of poverty in Bangladesh is at one of the highest rates in the history of the country in today’s times. Some other facts about Bangladesh include that the country has a tropical climate that is ideal for monsoons and it has a hot as well as rainy summer climate that is one of the moistest in the world. The Bangla language is the official language of the country and this language is also spoken in the west of Bengal. The people of Bengal have protected their right to speak Bangla from the Pakistani peoples who oppressed them in 1952 as well as prevented the language of Urdu from becoming the official language of east Pakistan that has a big Bangla speaking population. English is also very well known in these places as well as Bangla. In terms of money the Taka in Bangladesh is the official currency which has the symbol Tk. The standard Bangladesh Taka can be divided into 100 paisa in addition to this. The Bangladeshi Taka also has 5 significant digits in the BDT conversion.

The capital of the country of Bangladesh is Dhaka and its style of government is a constitutional parliamentary democracy. The country itself is bounded by the Bay of Bengal in the west and by India in the North and in addition to this Myanmar borders it from the south end of the country. The main rivers that flow through Bangladesh include the Padma, Meghna, Jamuna and Surma and these rivers are very important to the economy of the country because of the amount of fishing that the country relies on to stimulate the economy of Bangladesh. In addition to this the country exports fruits such as mango, banana, and pineapple to other countries as a major industry that stimulates the economy.