Folklore and Legends About Bangladesh

If you care about Bangladesh, you may want to start learning about its folklore and legends. Myths and legends in Bangladesh show similarities with the Indian cosmology. The country embraced the arrival of several cultures such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. Even though there was some blood shed due to the invasions -once again, the history points out to some of the causes of Bangladesh’s current poverty rates- the folklore and legends about Bangladesh were nourished substantially thanks to this intercultural influx.

Encouraging people to become passionate about the folklore and legends about Bangladesh will help them recognize the outstanding potential that the imaginarium of this country possesses. By getting a glimpse of its jewels, you’ll start to care about Bangladesh.

As in the formation of any other religious identity, the beliefs of the Bengalis were mixed with myths and legends from other regions. However, some myths are purely Bengali. The maal is one of the mythological creatures particular of the Bangladesh region. This entity is an evil mermaid that rounds about Bangladesh drawing people to oceans and rivers, leading them to their graves under the premise of fake but seductive promises.

The Manasamgal is a Bangladesh epic full of goddesses, gods and mysterious heroes. The resonance of Hinduism is absolutely present between the lines. On the other hand, the strong influence of Islam (Bangladesh’s main religion, with an 86% of practitioners) has diminished the abundance of old fables and stories.

There is so much more about Bangladesh than the eye catches at first glimpse. The Bengali culture puts a strong care in the spiritual realms. For example, a book like Caitanya Caritamrita transcends the limits of mythology and moves into bhakti (that majestic relationship of the soul with Divinity and the higher manifestations such as Krsna and Vishnu. The Education in Bangladesh used to incorporate the essence behind the form of the myths onto its regular teachings.

A strong sense of care about Bangladesh starts with a clear revision of its idiosyncrasy. Check to learn more about Bangladesh.