Foreign Investment In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the countries in South Asia with a developing economy and democracy. The country is known as one of the poorest in the area, as the Bangladesh poverty rate is one of the highest in the world. There are many economic and social issues that the Bangladesh government has to take care of it are for the Bangladeshi people to increase their quality of life. The economy of Bangladesh has been however improving along the time and although Bangladesh used to rely on as much as 85% on foreign loans nowadays it is only 2% relying on foreign grant. The economy of Bangladesh is also rated BB which may scare off foreign investors, who are very important in the process of strengthening the country’s economy. There is however foreign investment in Bangladesh and here people can read more about the foreign investment in Bangladesh.

Despite its poor ratings, the Bangladesh foreign investment has been constantly increasing for a while now. There are numerous multinational corporations as well as big local business including names such as Habib Group, KDS Group, Beximco, Square and others, that invest largely in the country. One of the main industries in which most Bangladesh foreign investment goes to is the natural gas sector. At the same time, the Grameen Bank is recognized as one of the significant contributors to the development and strengthening of the economy of Bangladesh. The bank was however only the means through which Muhammad Yunus, who received the Nobel peace prize in 2006, spread the concept and increased the awareness towards microcredit. By the turn to the 21st century, this bank had more than 2 million members each of them playing a role in circulating money and improving the economy. In the end, Bangladesh has still a long way to go to catch up with the already developed economies, but it seems to follow the right path.