Guide in Choosing a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

You might be enjoying your luxurious showers too much that your house might need a drastic repair. There is no bathroom exhaust fan. The entire moisture and humidity is concentrated inside the bathroom, has already made the perfect place for mold and mildew to grow, which can definitely add damage to house materials such as wood, drywall and wallpaper.


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Further, bathroom exhaust fans aid in eliminating odors and moisture, thus making your house free from any danger. This small workhorse aid in eliminating odors, moisture and mold spores that can eventually lead to health related problems.


But before buying and installing a bath ventilation fan, consider the size of your bathroom in order to have enough vent coming in and out. In addition, make sure that the noise level and other features are exactly what you want and need for you to be satisfied.

Classic bathroom exhaust fan


Here is a quick guide in choosing the vent fan for your bathroom:

Correct Ventilation

Avoid air and moisture venting between joists and unheated attic since it directly dumps excess moisture into spaces wherein humidity condenses which can lead to damaged floors, walls and ceiling. It is a great way to install your bathroom exhaust fan to vent ducts which move the exhaust outside the house.


Air Flow Capacity

There various types of vent fans for the bathroom that offers different air flow capacities. Based on standards, the bathroom vent fan should have at least 1 cubic feet per minute for every square foot of one bathroom space.


Noise Level

Consider buying an exhaust fan inside your bathroom that features quiet motor, which is designed to perform at extremely low noise level.


Energy Efficiency

Choose a bathroom exhaust fan that is energy efficient by making sure that your vent has also a quiet motor system, thus minimizing your electric bill.

16 Photos of the Guide in Choosing a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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