Helping Bangladesh

There are many organizations that are working to lower the Bangladesh poverty rate. While these efforts have helped a portion of the people dealing with poverty, there is still a lot of work to be done. The poverty rate in Bangladesh says that they are the 170th poorest country in the world out of 207 and their per capita income is less than four hundred dollars per year. While there are two different geographical areas in Bangladesh, the urban area and the rural area, the rural area is where most of the concentration should be because the gap between the two is so large and the urban area is much better off than the rural area. The way that organizations are trying to accomplish this is through education. By having a wider range of people who are educated in the Bangladesh rural areas, the people living there will be able to apply for better jobs and have a little more money. By having more money these men and women will be better fit to care for their families. Having an education will also teach the people of Bangladesh about health care and some health risks that they are privy towards. By knowing more about these health risks, they will be better fitted to prevent them by taking specific steps such as eating certain foods or taking precautions in their homes. Or, if they are struck with an illness, having a little education will better prepare them to see the signs earlier and possibly know what to do. By having a better education, the people of Bangladesh will hopefully be on their way to having a better, healthier lifestyle, helped by the organizations that are dedicated to helping Bangladesh, especially the rural areas in need.