Infant Mortality Rate in Bangladesh

In terms of the health of Bangladesh, this is a country that has much to be do and one reason that this is so is because of the great population that is present in the country as well as the dire condition its economy is in. Many of the healthcare concerns that Bangladesh citizens have are a direct result of poverty in the country. Bangladesh is a country that has a basic health care system and one that has been progressing in the last couple of decades because of the initiatives to prevent some illnesses that have been implemented but still more can be done to increase the country’s child and infant mortality rate in the eyes of many. Others may think that there has been many strides to improve many aspects of the healthcare system in addition to improving the infant mortality rate to what it is today. Some strides the healthcare system has taken increase the infant mortality rate include reducing diarrheal diseases that killed many children 2 decades ago. They have also decreased the amount of malnutrition cases that are reported and this is steadily declining by a number of 1-2 percent annually.

The measure that a doctor in Bangladesh take to improve the lives of infants and children all across the country are seen as one of the most important aspects of living in Bangladesh since becoming an independent country. Since the year 1997 the measures that doctors have taken such as , ensuring vitamin A deficiency is lowered below the threshold of a health crisis, have really decreased the amount of child death rates so that the health of Bangladesh overall is on the rise. The infant mortality rate in Bangladesh has actually declined from 87 per 1,000 to 56 per 1000 from 89 to 01. Some other facts about Bangladesh include that the amount of under five deaths has decreased from 133 to 82 in the same period and the fertility rate has improved too.