Places in Bangladesh with Malaria

There are many places in Bangladesh that have malaria as a serious health concern and it is important to safe guard yourself by seeing a doctor in Bangladesh or at home before going to the country to get yourself some medication to prevent it. Some areas that you will run into with malaria cases when you travel to Bangladesh are the districts of Chittagong, Hobigonj, and Bandarban just to name a few but there are other places you should be wary of as well. If you are planning on visiting these or other places that you suspect may have malaria then it is very important that you discuss this with your travel doctor and ask if there is any advice that they could give you on not getting infected. Some ways to prevent the sickness are by taking a prescription drug to prevent against it. These are called antimalaria drugs and your doctor could possibly prescribe some to you if you are going to a part of Bangladesh that is known for malaria.

In addition to taking anti-malaria prescription drugs there are a couple of other ways that you can prevent the sickness from happening to you which include using insect repellent while you are in the country and by not wearing revealing clothing. Protecting your skin from mosquito bites is the most important thing that you can do in regards to malaria and taking precautions such as covering your whole body with clothing and using repellent could just save your life while you are in Bangladesh. In addition to this sleeping in a well screened and air conditioned room is essential to your protection while you are in the country. You could also use a bed net in order to stop mosquitoes from getting to you while you are sleeping and for protecting against the disease that they spread.