Places to See in Bangladesh

Though there is much poverty in Bangladesh there are still many beautiful places present in the country that tourists who want to travel to Bangladesh can enjoy on vacation. Many people travel to Bangladesh every year strictly for the beautiful sites they can take in such as the Cox’s Bazaar beach which is the absolute longest sea beach in the modern world. The tourism industry in Bangladesh is not extremely booming at this time but it is slowly developing and becoming a major factor in the economy of Bangladesh. This is in part because there are many sites to attract domestic tourists as well as international ones. By many this country is seen as a holiday making place that has many different facets to explore. The tourist attractions that people enjoy in the country and that Bangladesh is known for include the many archaeological sites and monuments that are there. The mosques are also numerous and often beautiful to behold. In addition to this there are various beaches and picnicking places that people who travel to Bangladesh enjoy as well as all manner of wildlife and forest areas.

If you are a person that likes to ski or who likes boating while taking in Bangladesh culture this is the place for you. The Jaflong in Sylhet is a place that one can get in touch with nature as well as cruise the river. The archaeological sites in Bangladesh include the temple city of Puthia which is located in Rajshahi and the Mahasthangarh that is located in Bogra which is the oldest site for digging in the country. If you are ever in the area of Paharpur located in Naogaon this is the site of the largest known Buddhist monastery and the Terracota Hindu Temple is a very beautiful and ornamental site to behold for any visitors as well.