The Poor in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a place in the world that is among the poorest in terms of the economy of Bangladesh and the living situations of the majority of its population. Though Bangladesh has made a great deal of progress towards trying to reduce the poverty levels in the country, this independent country still has more than half of its 135 million citizens live in poverty. This is a very large amount especially considering that the situation of the US is drastically different than this. This means that the income of the average person in Bangladesh does not support the basic needs that they require including housing and food for many in addition to clean water sources. In the 90’s Bangladesh started to see a boost to the economy and a decrease in the poverty in Bangladesh due to factors such as government investment in the areas of education and healthcare as well as the social safety situation. Other information on Bangladesh in regards to its economic boost includes the country’s support for many microcredit programs in the to help the poor during this time.

All though the era of the 90’s brought some economic growth to the country, the continuation of this growth is facing many challenges including incomplete reforms in the areas of banking and electricity. In addition to this healthcare reform has not yet been completed in the country making the growth of the health levels of its people halt. To add to this many of the poverty stricken people in the country cannot actively help to stimulate the economy of Bangladesh by buying goods and many people have lost confidence in the political system as well making it even harder to stimulate growth. Through all of this though the population growth in the country remains high and unsustainable in the long run encouraging the people who travel to Bangladesh to help in the poverty crisis to have a harder time keeping the country’s past progress from eroding.