Raising awareness – Bangladesh Woman Empowerment

Care about Bangladesh!

The density of population in Bangladesh is one of the highest in the world. The territory has more than 150 million inhabitants. 49% of these persons live in deplorable poverty rates. The malnutrition rates of Bangladesh rank among the highest in the planet. These sad conditions are tightly linked to the low social status women receive in the society. Woman empowerment is one of the primordial needs of the region, an abolition of gender inequality would bring substantial transformation to an otherwise hostile population.

Many institutions across the world are showing their care for Bangladesh and are truly committed to the restructuring of the social foundations that keep it bound to extreme poverty. On top of that, Bangladesh’s Health and Education patterns are undermining the poverty rates at a scary velocity. Carebd.org provides info to raise awareness about the pressing situation of this beautiful country and encourage the world to help reconstruct Bangladesh’s health and education. The Bengal region has so much potential. You can also show your care by supporting the numerous foundations worldwide that are fighting for this cause.

Currently, some non-profit organizations are conducting Woman Empowerment workshops that will ameliorate the gender issues as well as Bangladesh’s Health and Education concerns. These women are easily becoming leaders and infusing among others their revolutionary passionate feelings. They organize meetings and start campaigns whose primary aim is Woman Empowerment. Unfortunately, they have to swim against the current in a chauvinist ambiance that promotes forced marriages, dowries and domestic violence among other social diseases.

Volunteers from all around the world are showing that they care about Bangladesh. You can do so too. Wherever you are, promote health and education, believe in woman empowerment and show your care. Sharing is caring. Carebd.org intends to be a website providing info for people to know about Bangladesh and use it as a resource to raise awareness about its situation.