Reliable rooftop garden tips

Having a rooftop garden is something that every homeowner who has a flat roof should really have. Building an awesome garden at the top of your roof is an awesome way of transforming your rooftop and this trend is increasingly becoming popular especially in urban areas. However, before you get started with this, there are a number of things that you will really need to know so that you can be able to get the most out of it. Having a garden of this nature comes with incredible environmental benefits that you will certainly need to take full advantage of.

Before you create a rooftop garden, it is crucial that you understand the amount of weight which your rooftop is able to sustain. The wisest thing to do in this regard is consulting a professional contractor and this will certainly help you a lot in avoiding the disappointment and damage that you might experience just in case your rooftop isn’t capable of handling the extra weight. In this regard, you will need to be double sure that your structure is able to support the added weight. Most importantly, ensure that you use materials which are light as this will really help you avoid having excess weight at the top of your roof.

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The best rooftop garden is one that is reasonably windier and this is something that you really can’t avoid especially when you are using light materials. Lighter materials could be blown away and it is important that you use some weights like pots and rocks to secure them. A wind breaker or attractive trellises will also help you reduce the wind flow considerably. Having a garden at your rooftop is incredibly charming and in addition to this, it gives your home that much desired refreshing addition. The garden will provide you with some fresh vegetables, spices, fruits and other plants.

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