Religion in Bangladesh

The country of Bangladesh has one of the largest population of Muslims in the world as around 80% of the entire country practices the Religion of Islam. The Islamic peoples of Bangladesh are mostly sunni muslims although there is a small percentage of Shia muslims as well in the country. The muslim peoples of Bangladeh located in Benegal have developed their own religious culture that is independent of many of the dominant trends in India. These Muslim peoples have preserved much of the pre-Islamic cultural elements from the hindu periods and have made Bangladesh religions traditions unique to the country. In fact some of the features that are present within the Hindu community are different than some other parts in South Asia as well and are influenced by the style of religion present in the Bangladeshi Muslim community in the country.

The Hindu religion makes up around 12 percent of the country from a religious standpoint and until the 90s this population was close to evenly distributed all around the country though the hindu community largely comprised the peoples of Khulna, Jessore, Faridpur and Barisal as well as Dinajpur in the 90s. In addition to the Hindu and Muslim religions there are also many Buddhists as well as Christians within the population of Bangladesh. In a place in Bangladesh called the Chittagong Hills many Buddhist tribes can be found and this is where the majority of the Buddhist population can be found as well. A census that was taken in 1981 showed that there were around 600,000 Budhists in Bangladesh and as the country has a very large population this only amounts to about 1 percent or less. In terms of the Christians that are located the numbers were about the same in 1981 but they have steadily risen since then.