Restoring Woman Empowerment

Even though the overall situation of women in Bangladesh has consistently improved over the last two decades, their status still remains in inferiority. The concept of ‘Woman Empowerment’ in Bangladesh has been a strict taboo for what seems like ages. The idea of taking care of Bangladesh’s poverty rate has been mainly addressed in male-dominated arenas and the transformational policies arising from these thought-seedlings have been mainly focused on men.

The need for woman empowerment in Bangladesh is no longer a luxury but an imperative. The number of politically involved woman in this South Eastern country isn’t representative of the male-female ratio present in the population. In order to really care about Bangladesh’s poverty rate, woman Empowerment needs to be taken to a whole new level. It’s time to stray from dead letter and move into action. As citizens of the same world, we can’t take the spectator’s seat and watch injustice take place without taking measures.

Most economists address their care for Bangladesh’s poverty rate without actually understanding the importance of woman empowerment as a crucial factor in the development of health and education in Bangladesh. It’s impossible to visualize a fair system if women all around the country are still being abused, stepped over and basically sold under the socially accepted rite of dowry.

Health and education in Bangladesh will only improve if the laws reflect a real care about the position of women. There is so much interest in boosting the land’s poverty rate but little to none actions are put into place to nurture and sustain a real woman empowerment. The wealth of a country never lies in the amount of money its inhabitants possess but in the clarity, fairness and justice present in their idiosyncrasy. It’s time to awaken and realize -as global citizens- that we’re all the same, we’re all on the same boat. Gender discrimination is so passé.