A rustic bedroom furniture is all about texture and touch. It is simple, crude, unfinished and oftentimes artless but put them together and the result is charming if not stunning.

Home and the countryside is what first comes to mind when thinking about a rustic bedroom furniture set. The raw, feel good materials, metal accents and soft textiles all come together somehow. A perfect example of a rustic bedroom furniture would be a wooden bed with built-in drawers underneath for a little extra storage. The storage can hold extra fabrics so other drawers can be utilized for other things that will be used daily. Another perfect item is a textured wool rug. Add this to the mix plus a couple of throwback, metal lanterns and you’ll be staring at a very homey, comfortable set. For function, how about a kitchen cart as a bedside table? Apart from the storage, it also has wheels for mobility. For an extra touch, why not add in a quilted fabric to complete the look? The rustic design does not have any rules to it. It’s not necessarily balanced and welll-finished. It’s atypical. It’s a mix and match of the old and the new, of rural and urban. It can be a distressed wood with a metal accent. Or maybe a mixture of rough and soft textures. Color scheme is often a personal preference although there are some colors like those similar to the “zen” colors that are more relaxing and therefore, better suited for a bedroom furniture since the bedroom is usually attributed to sleep. Most rustic bedroom furniture sets use a lot of neutral, calming earth tones but without the very clean finishes. As a result, these furnitures give off the feeling that you are at home in the countryside, far away from the urban area.

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