A sleigh bed king is elegantly styled and grand in nature. Its gently curved headboard and footboard provides its timeless and graceful beauty while its size demands attention and focus which makes designing limited so as not to go overboard.


sleigh bed king black and white

As of late, king size beds are now the fad. What was once a size of the bed considered for married couples is no longer confined in that view. Nowadays, a bed is not only used to sleep in. Instead, it is more. With the advent of social media, people want more space in their beds because beds have now become a social space. Also, with the growth of the hotel industry, people want to recreate the lavishness of a hotel room within their own houses and they want to have large enough beds to accommodate the entire family watching TV or plainly bonding. More for function and accommodation, king size beds have double the number in sales in the past four (4) years.


The sleigh bed king is big and stylish – the perfect setting for a group shot that will be posted in social media. It’s size and form makes it fun to hang out with groups of friends and the family. It also allows small children to climb into without disturbing the sleeping adults because there is more than enough space.

sleigh bed king 765355


This bed, being king sized, has more function than the regular sized bed. It can come with storage underneath so by default, storage space is bigger and more things can be kept. Since more people can sleep in it, it is wonderful to use in homes with children. The fact that it is also stylish adds in to its value. Although the space needed in the bedroom for this bed is challenging considering that more and more people have smaller bedrooms now, its function and beauty – the feeling of being in something grand always wins over.



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