A small bathroom remodel is an exciting and challenging project. Ideally, a small bathroom should comprise of all the essentials of a large bath in less space. There are many things to be considered like function, appearance, storage, fixtures the available space and how much will be spent on the project.

After determining how much space there is available, there are a number of ways in making the area look bigger. As an example, using a pocket door over a hinged door will save space. Installing one large mirror, clear-glass shower doors and light colored finish materials actually stretches the space visually.

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Storage space is at a premium in small baths so recessing a deep bath cabinet above the vanity could be a good strategy. The vanity should be at a comfortable height off the floor. Vanities with bins or drawers that can act as organizers for toiletries and cleaning supplies is a good idea.

Pedestal sinks in a small, full bath should be avoided. They are impractical because of the space they take up and they do not provide any storage. However, if a pedestal sink is a must in the design or is really coveted by the homeowners, a good suggestion would be to include open shelves or a tile-lined niche adjacent to it or even behind it. Even using a smaller sized cabinetry could work as well. There are also small-scaled pedestals available at major plumbing manufacturers and that also is a viable option that can be considered.

Getting professional help from a bath dealer or from the design staff at a home center should be considered especially when every inch counts. Plans should be checked against the guidelines of whatever body or association is established in the local area for bathroom planning to make sure that the bath functions its best.

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