The sleigh bed frame: from then, now till tomorrow

Sleigh bed frame originate from the French-American design period – a classy bed frame with a large foot and headboard giving it the shape of a sleigh. It is a gorgeous and sensual design that adds texture and appeal to the bedroom effortlessly making the bed the focal point. There are various finishes available for sleigh bed frame – these can be wood, leather, upholstered or even the more traditional wrought iron   frame. Regardless of the finish, sleigh beds are exquisite that gives a lovely visual balance to any interior.

One might imagine sleigh beds to come right out from old Hollywood movies. Modern contemporary bed frames and interior designs have; however, transcended time and sleigh beds now make a fabulous permanent addition to the bedroom. Matching wood grain decors will enhance the look of the sleigh bed; Patterns in layers and textures will bring vibrancy to any room; Matching upholstered walls and sleigh bed frame will definitely be a luxurious visual; Warm wooden tones have this inviting effect; Spacious master bedrooms with large sleigh bed frames will just look majestic or even just natural, lovely wood will already look fabulous. Modern day designs have toned down the height of the headboard and the footboard allowing the sleigh bed to become a permanent fixture over time.

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The bed should always be the focal point when designing a bedroom. Sleigh bed frame achieves this goal with ease. Elegant, majestic, opulent and affluent are the best descriptions for any sleigh bed frame and the outcome of any bedroom design with a sleigh bed in it is surprisingly, unexpectedly, urbane. As Christmas draws closer with each year that passes, how about adding ornaments or even some tinsel to the frame? Sleigh beds are as fun as they are fabulously classy and from then and now, they will definitely be racing with the rest of the world in style towards the future.

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