Top characteristics that define Federal style architecture

Federal style architecture refers to the classicizing architecture that was built in America between the period of 1780 and 1830. Just as you would guess, this kind of architecture essentially derives its name from the era in which it was built, i.e. the Federal Period. When you are planning to build a house, this style of architecture is something that you should really consider as it is a beautiful and unique style in its own right. There are many characteristics that define this architecture and this is essentially what sets it apart from other styles found out there.

To start with, the Federal style architecture is distinguished from the Georgian colonial architecture due to the use of some plainer surfaces together with some attenuated details. This one is usually isolated in tablets, panels and even friezes as well. Besides this, the style was characterized by having a smoother fa├žade that was flatter and pilasters that were used rarely. A very common symbol which was used in the style is the bald eagle and the ellipse which was essentially a very frequent architectural motif.

Federal style architecture castle

The federal government used the Federal style architecture in building numerous government buildings such as harbor buildings and lighthouses and even schools and hospitals among other institutions as well. In modern times, most people are slowly adopting this kind of architecture style as it helps them to bring back the good old days back to memory. You will even find some furniture pieces that depict this style and you can always be sure that they are a great addition to any home as they will considerably enhance the value of your home. If you are planning to adopt this kind of architecture, you just need to hire a professional architect to design the house to you and you will be able to memorize the federal era.

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