Tourism in Bangladesh

Over 85% of Bangladesh is represented by a flat plain crossed by the Ganges and Meghna, which are loose in many branches and channels. Along with lakes and marshes, the rivers shape the image of a submerged land.

Bangladesh has a large number of temples, monasteries and beaches on the coast of the Bengal Bay. The country offer spectacular landscapes of plantations of tea and mix cultures. However the tourism industry is not very developed because during the monsoon flooding, a third of the country is in economic danger. An active and developed tourism may help the economic status of this country and raise it from its actual poverty situation.

The main places of interest from Bangladesh include: Cox’s Bazar which is the single most beautiful seaside resort of Bangladesh, Dhaka, the Republic’s capital, Mainimati Ruins which is an important center for the Buddhist culture, Somapuri Vihar that was considered the largest Buddhist monastery, and, as the most impressive view of archaeological style you must visit the Sundarbans National Park. In Dhaka, one of the most famous tourist attractions is the historic center. As for buildings of interest, you may want to visit the the Palace Museum and the Pink Palace, Chott Katri. Some travel tips may guide you to the north of the historic center where are the several European or British cities, where you can find the Banga Bhavan known to be the palace of the president, many other parks and the Dhakeswari Temple. If you decide to travel to Bangladesh you must visit the Buddhist monasteries and Dharnarajika near the Central Station, where you can find a Buddha stone statue that is almost 1,000 years old. You can also visit many mosques and old bazaars, especially the Kashaitully Mosque.

The best time to travel to Bangladesh and enjoy Bangladesh sights is in the winter from October to February when the weather is dry and breathable. You should avoid April because of the hotness and unbearable humidity and also the periods of the year when there are floods all over the country.