Folding chairs are portable chairs that are light, folds flat and can be stored in rows, stacks, carts and even the backseat of a car. These chairs are generally used in areas where permanent seating is not readily available or practical such as outdoor and indoor events like graduations and sporting competitions. Folding chairs also come in handy in homes or restaurants for any situation that require extra seating like parties.

Folding chairs go way back to the time of Viking Sweden and Ancient Egypt although the frame then was usually made of wood and rarely made of metal. Back then, the wood was engraved with artistic carvings, adorned with ivory and even gilded. This type of chair though became widespread during the Middle Ages as a beloved liturgical piece of furniture. Around the 15th and 16th centuries, this chair had arm and head rests but this design has since been improved and modernized to make them easy to use and easily transportable to different places and events such as gatherings.

Folding chairs 2015

An early patent for the design was in 1855 by John Cham in the United States. However, Frederic Arnold innovated the design and came out with the first aluminum folding chair using fabric binding for the seat and back. Nowadays, this type of chair is commonly made of either metal, wood or even hard plastic making it lighter.

Folding chairs are not very famous for how they look and they rarely add to the aesthetic value of any interior. Some however have colored fabric backs and seats which adds a fun factor to it while some designers went so far as to come out with an ergonomic, very modern design. They are, however, widely used because of their practicality and portability – a very specific need in the market ever since before.

Folding chairs 2015


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