Wall decorations – Creative ideas for living room

You want your guests to say “wow” the instance they step in your living room. And you want your friends to keep on asking you the secret of decorating a crispier living room like you have. Such wants and many other similar have a simple answer; wall decorations in a way that make people’s eyes glued to it. There are a lot of creative wall decorations ideas that can lift up your living room décor and make it stand out. Let’s discuss few of them:

  1. Arranging different size frames in a way that they fit in one another like puzzle pieces. Such wall decorations arrangement gives an appealing look that catches eyes for a long instance.
  2. Wall mural. Large wall murals such as blowing up your kid’s photo on the wall and murals that are close to nature such as forests, trees, huts can add a lot to your living room wall decoration.
  3. Fixing a large collection of masks on wall can give a look that is both classy and eye-catching. If your hobby is mask collection, this can be the best way to make your hobby do something for you. Fixing tribal masks is another option.
  4. This is the most probable thing you will choose for your wall decoration purposes. One large painting or several small paintings can do wonders for your living room if you place them in the right and precise place. Make sure that paintings share contrast with the wall paint.
  5. Old clock. This is an odd idea but can serve well for some people. Put a large ancient wall clock in your living room and give an artistic touch to your interior!


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So, are you in for a breath-taking wall decoration for your living room?

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