Zen bedrooms are a piece of haven within the comfort of a home reflecting harmonious balance and relaxation within the space. But how is “zen” really defined? In Japan and China, “zen” is simply meditation, a distinct form of Buddhism, a process of rediscovery, the outcome of which is peace and happiness.  It is a complete state of focus that incorporates a balance of mind and body. During these erratic and stressful times, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find serenity in our lives. However, an option to achieve this is by creating a “zen” area within the home. Zen bedrooms aim to invite serenity into your own personal space so that its effects will positively affect your mood, your life.

A common practice in achieving “zen” in the bedroom is by using soft, earthy colors like white, grey, shades of beige, pink beige, muted shades of green – colors that induce calm and relaxation. Another option is by placing softness on the floor for the feet to step on like parquet or any vast, wooden flooring. Lighting is always soft – a play of fluorescent and natural light. Furnitures are usually simple, wooden and uncomplicated to promote the natural look and feel of the area with decorations at a minimum. Natural scents from scented candles and aromatherapy oils enhance the harmonious appeal while green plants add life and bring a certain kind of calmness.

Zen bedrooms glass cabinet

Zen is not a proper design style nor is it accurate. It does not have an exacting set of rules although more often than not, it is associated with minimalism, simplicity and purity or cleanliness of lines. Rather, it is a way of arrangement that creates an atmosphere that offsets daily stress and disturbance by allowing energy to flow freely. Applying “zen” in the bedroom is like having your own little cocoon of serenity.  Zen bedrooms are the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle from the urban world we live in.


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